Tips are Vital for Students Essay is extremely important part of the applying to the college. Therefore, every student-to-be might find useful college entrance tips presented below.

To write a successful entrance essay you just need to keep these tips in mind while writing.

Do not thesaurus-size your essay.

Writing an essay try to use your own voice. Admission officers can tell easily when the student just tries to show off with the help of big difficult words. However, using of big words or terminology detracts from the essay and makes it sound contrived. If you are not quite sure in the meaning of some word- just don’t use it. It will save you from vocabulary misuse and prevent inappropriate drawing reader’s attention.

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Try not to bore the reader. Be as interesting as you can.

The work of admissions officers is to read hundreds of entrance essays, and if your essay is not original enough, they will just skim it. Officers are looking for an essay that will not only catch their attention, but show them the real image of the applicant, his values and his view to the world. Therefore, if you do not want to blend in with other applicants – don’t be afraid to give your personal opinion about the essay subject you are writing about.

Use personal details and be concise!

A good college essay should be grounded on personal details and be concrete enough. It does not only provide some information, but is filled with the personal detailed that prove it.

Avoid wordiness in your essay. If it is present in your essay, it will not only take up the valuable space, but also confuse the readers of correct understanding of main ideas you tried to convey in your essay. Use short sentences. They have more force as they are direct and strict to the point.

Never use slang and do vary!

Writing your admissions essay you should use appropriate language. Contractions, slang terms, clichés and casual tone should never be used in the college entrance essay.

College entrance essay should consist of the sentences with different length. Sentses should be mixed within each paragraph. Don’t forget about transition words such as furthermore, consequently or nevertheless. They will make your essay more logical.

Use active voice verbs!

Passive voice is not appropriate for the college admission essays, as frequent use of it makes the essay sound boring. And as the previous tips advice to make the essay original and interesting, passive voice usage may be not the best option for it.

Look for multiple options

When your application essay is ready, ask your friends to review your essay. Ask them to answer the following questions:

  • Was the main essay question answered?
  • Does the introduction paragraph engage the reader?
  • Does the conclusion of the essay provide the closure?
  •  Have active- voice verbs been used wherever it is possible?
  • Is the sentence structure varied? Aren’t there too many long sentences?
  • Aren’t there any clichés that could be avoided?
  • Is transition used appropriately?
  • What part of the essay is the best?
  • What part of the essay could be changed for better?
  • Are there parts that do not support the main argument of the essay?
  • What parts of the essay are not clear and need elaboration?
  • Does every single sentence have crucial meaning to the general idea of the essay? It must be so!
  • What information does the essay reveal about the personality of the writer?

Do answer every single question

Many students do one common mistake: they try to turn 500-words essay into the autobiography of the writer. Never do this mistake, as admission officers will not appreciate it. The most important idea of the essay is to ask a question and answer it while writing an essay. Do not fail to answer the question as there will be no sense in the essay existing. You should assure that every sentence exists with the purpose of answering the question.

Do not neglect the revision.

While revising, your essay toy should cut all the parts that are not crucial for the general idea of your essay. You have total control over your essay, and it is in your hand what admissions officers will think about you and your creative piece of work.