A quality essay is always evaluated with higher mark if it does respond to the basic essay writing rules. These rules include the informative goal of the essay, the writing style, proper grammar and punctuation. It may seem hard at first to achieve the proper essay writing format and to manage to include all of the above mentioned aspects. We still believe this is possible. The essay writing is a type of educational skill that is being obtained if practiced daily. It is important to talk to the course instructor and ask questions if you think you lack the proper understanding of the subject. Also, it is important to stay persistent and to continue to improve your essay writing skills.

Convincing Essay

When we are being asked what are the most convincing essay topics, our answer is simple. Make sure to find the topic that you are mostly passionate about. Also, we have included a list of topics for your use.

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Convincing Essay Topics:

  • Quality family time during winter season.
  • Dieting a permanent healthy lifestyle.
  • Should a romantic love be a solid ground for marriage?
  • Should obese people go on a diet?
  • Do technical innovations stop us from intellectual growth?
  • Should children be allowed to draw pictures on walls?
  • Should children and teenagers wear uniforms at public schools?
  • Are Shakespeare’s plays still useful for thorough studying?
  • Should a happy couple bother to solve their relationship conflicts?
  • How does the study of Dr. Freud’s work impact people’s lives?
  • Should lectures about HIV and AIDS be done at schools more often?
  • Should modern schools use more technology?
  • Should smoking be considered a health-damaging habit?
  • Should business ethics be considered as an obsolete concept?
  • Do business ethics as an obsolete concept stop companies from growth?
  • Should public transportation receive better financial support?
  • When the teenagers should be allowed to have first sex?
  • Is going to fitness club should be a permanent habit?
  • Is yoga a modern trend or a life necessity?
  • Should be privacy considered less important right?
  • Should teenage mothers get special financial help from the government?
  • Should college students be required to learn foreign languages?
  • Should government and military personnel be allowed to have the right to strike?
  • Should drunk drivers be put to jail on their first offense?
  • Should cancer be considered a national disease?